Make your own baby wipes


So, Kids are expensive. Anyone who's had one can tell you that. Anyone who's had more than one really understands the financial needs for baby-raising. So, any money saving ideas can really come in handy! I found a recipe online to make home made baby wipes. Use high quality products to make them, you'll get the best results but still save money in the long run!

The main 'ingredient' for these is a roll of paper towels. Get some good strong hefty ones. Some say Bounty works best, others say Scott. One mom that I've talked to said that Scott brand tissues work the best, so if you want to try using them instead, it will save you a step. I don't swear by that one though, since I haven't tried it out! Either way, make sure it's soft on baby's bottom... you wouldn't want to wipe with something that feels like sandpaper would you?

Use an electric knife to cut the roll of paper towels in half. Outside may work best, because lets face it, who wants to try to sweep or vacuum up all the little paper shreds that will come off of the edges!

You'll need to put the towels into some sort of air tight container. If you cut the roll once in half, and then down the center of each half of a roll, you'll get smaller towel pieces that should fit fairly well into a standard baby wipe container. You can also store them in Ziplock bags.

Ingredients: (I like to use the lavender scented for the wash and lotion)
1/4 cup baby wash
1/4 cup baby oil
1/4 cup baby lotion
1-1/2 to 2 cups hot tap water

Mix all of the ingredients together. I like to use a pitcher for easier pouring later on. Make sure that you use pretty hot water, to help the lotion mix in better! After everything is mixed well (stir for 2-3 minutes), pour the mix over your stack of paper towels. I like to at least do this part in Ziplock bags, but if you trust that your container is sturdy, use your container. After you pour the mix on, you need to rotate your bag or container, turn it over, shake it a bit etc. to make sure that the mix soaks all the way through your stack.

Buying your products at a dollar store will get your the best bargain. But still make sure that you have good strong paper towels.

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