One of the things that I'm so thankful that I took to the hospital with me was my own throw blanket. It's not really a real blanket even, just a long piece of purple fleece that I use as a couch blanket or something to wrap around my shoulders sometimes. I used it during Labor to make me feel more at home. It made me feel 'safe' to wrap myself up in while I was waiting to be able to go to the NICU to see my baby. I stayed at the hospital for a full 8 days with my baby while she was in the NICU, and this blanket made my room just a little more cozy for those 8 days. Since it was nice and long, it was also great to throw around my shoulders, so that I could visit with people while I pumped without embarrassing myself.

You can see my 'blankie' here in this pic. Nothing fancy, just comfy!

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